Does Facebook have words or phrases that are "bad"?

Words that when you use them your posts typically will get a lower reach?

Our studies have found that they DO!!

If a word or phrase sounds like it is promoting a product, Facebook wants it's cut and wants you to put some ad spend behind it... Facebook wants to keep it's pocket book happy.

If a word or phrase negatively identifies people (or can be percieved that way) Facebook knows that people will get irritated by it... and they want to keep their customers happy.

Those posts don't get in front of eyeballs!

BUT... What if we created a list of words that you can replace those "banned terms"??

This is it.

Many thanks to the Frugal Blogger Pow-Wow (a perk of the course, we have pow-wows with different niches to brainstorm on topics that affect us). The frugal bloggers helped us crowd-source and create this list on the fly. I appreciate the time they spent creating this resource for all of us!

Here is our Very Bad No Good Word List

...AND Solutions You Can Replace Those Phrases With.